John Locke wrote:
“The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom.”

In an effort to perserve and enlarge freedoms in the game, BlackMUD has a set of foundational rules that govern game play and ensure the game itself does not undergo the Unmaking.
Respect and Decency

Discriminatory, abusive, harassing, or threatening behavior toward any player or immortal/administrator will not be tolerated and is cause for summary punitive action, up to and including permanent site ban. The MUD community is a small community and everyone should be treated with respect and decency.

Appropriate Behavior

The BlackMUD community includes a diverse group of players, including minors, and your behavior (even roleplaying) should be handled accordingly. Sexually oriented behavior is not considered appropriate on BlackMUD. Any activity, RP or otherwise, that exceeds a simple show of affection or the basics of the social commands is not appropriate.

Account Limit

Each player is allowed only one account, as each account allows multiple characters.

Ban Avoidance

Creating an account for another person in order to circumvent a site ban is forbidden.

No Multi-playing

Multi-playing is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
- Having more than one character IN the MUD at one time, whether or not it is connected.
- Creating a situation for the purpose of benefiting another character, that you later connect to.
- Passing funds, equipment, or information from one character to another.

Player-Killing (PK) Limitations

Although, PKing is not illegal on BlackMUD, this is not a PK MUD.Meaning you should limit your PK involvement to RP related conflicts. You must also first 'opt in' to PK, meaning that until you do so, you will not be able to commit harmful actions (theft included) towards other players. Opted in players cannot commit harmful actions towards opted out players, and vice versa. Simply because players cannot attack you while you are opted out does not give you the right to be a pest, or cause problems, so do not abuse this status.

PK - Multi-Killing

The multi-killing rule is related to the PK rules. The multiple killing, which means more than once within a 24 hour real-time period, of the same character is forbidden. Self-defense, which doesn't include pre-emptive attacks, is an exception to this rule. Any form of harmful action (including theft) can be considered an attack against you. All other cases of PK and situations of player-stealing are left to the mortal justice system.

No Deliberate Disconnection

Disconnecting to avoid death or rent limitations is strictly forbidden.

No Solisticing

Do not advertise for other MUDs (or other games like MMORPGs) on BlackMUD or for BlackMUD on other MUDs. Respect the community.

No Power-Leveling

Power-leveling another character is not allowed, this includes actions like wounding a mob and allowing a low level to kill it for the experience. Generally supporting a low level character with occassional spell-ups, dropping equipment in communal rooms, and showing someone the ropes is acceptable.