What is BlackMUD?

BlackMUD is one of the oldest still-running MUDs online today, having started in 1993. It is text-only multi-player adventure, set in a fantasy role-playing environment.

What is a MUD?

MUD is an acronym meaning Multi-User Domain or Multi-User Dungeon. MUDs are a text-based online virtual realm and the precursors to modern MMORPGs. You can create a character, enter the realm, and interact with people from all over the world. There are generally no graphics, except ASCII based art and maps, and what you may encounter through a MUD Client interface.
Although this may sound primitive to someone weened on high definition graphics, do not underestimate the experience. The MUD's descriptions and ambiance can form pictures in your mind's eye, which fancy graphics cards can't even begin to touch. Pure imagination is a powerful media.

What is Role-Playing?

Role-playing, or RP as it is usually referred to, means just that... playing a role. You control the thoughts and actions of your character as if it were actually part of the realm. RP is not enforced on BlackMUD (it is not RPI), so don't worry that you are not a good enough role-player, but we do provide numerous mechanisms to support and reward role-playing.

How do I access the game?

Given the older nature of MUDs in general, accessing a MUD most commonly involves utilizing a Telnet connection. Telnet is a common network protocol that allows a user on one computer to log into another computer. In the early days of the Internet this was one of the most common ways to connect to computers. To connect to BlackMUD you will need either a Telnet client or more commonly a MUD client. For more enjoyable playability, we recommend a MUD client. You can find one here. Once you have a MUD or Telnet client you simply connect to blackmud.com using port 2000 [blackmud.com:2000]. Then let the adventure begin.

How do I play?

After connecting to the game (see above) you will need to first create an account and then verify that account through an email adress and confirmation code process. After creating your account you can create a character. Creating a character can take some time, but it also allows you to highly customize your game experience.
Once you create a character, you will see a menu of options including one to enter the realm. New players who are unfamiliar with MUDs should take the time to go through the Mud Tutorial. As with most fantasy RPGs (role playing games), your character starts out rather weak and must advance in levels to get "tougher". BlackMUD uses a exp/level based advancement system very similar to most other RPGs.
In simple terms:
     You kill stuff.
     You get items and gold.
     You gain experience points.
     After you gain enough experience points, you can advance to your next level.
     Gaining levels means more HP's, Mana, spells, skills, etc.
     Mix it all up with some nice RP to flesh it out.
     Have a blast doing it!

How do I win?

BlackMUD is not a game you win or for that matter even really ends. It is a virtual alternative-reality where everyday life is an adventure. Think of it a bit like a text-based cross between The Sims, Diablo 3, and a Choose Your Own Adventure book.

What's the story all about?

I strongly suggest an in-depth read of the information provided on this website, including the History, Pantheon, Classes, and Races..You can also find more information in the extensive help system in the game and through discovered content while playing the game itself. BlackMUD and the world of Entia is lavishly detailed, rich in content, and original in composition.

What commands can I use?

Typing 'help' in the game will give you the main list of game commands. You can access more in-depth information about each individual command and examples of its usage by using the help system. If you run across any that are hard to find or not there, please notify BlackMUD Admin (link at the bottom of this page).

I can't think of a name! What should I call my character?

It usually helps to have some idea of what kind of character you will be making before you get to this point. Names can often be elusive. If you're having difficulty choosing a name, we suggest giving an internet Random Name Generator a try. You might just run across something you like or it might give you a good idea for one of your own.
Note: Please be aware that BlackMUD has a Name Policy which is strictly adhered to. The by-laws are presented during the character creation steps or you can type help name while in the game.

What is alignment?

This attribute simply defines if your character is Good, Neutral, or Evil. Alignment is much easier to understand than...

What is entrophatic nature?

Entropy in BlackMUD refers to your character's innate tendency towards Order, Neutrality, or Chaos. If your character is ordered, he/she has a tendency to obey laws and social morals, enforce those laws/morals, and in general presents a sense of structure and order in his/her actions. If your character is chaotic, then he/she tends to be impulsive, casually disregards authority, and generally presenting a sense of being unruly and unstructured. If your character has a neutral entrophatic nature, then he/she feels the need to balance his actions as well as the environment around him/her. This may be confusing at first to new players. In the realm of Entia, there is a struggle between order and chaos. This attribute defines where your character is at on the entrophatic spectrum. (Note: It has little to do with thermodynamics.)

What's all this about worshipping gods?

As in most mythological/fantasy settings, the cosmos is ruled by powerful beings that are worshipped as gods. These beings are both Immortal characters and game administrators. The available choices are governed by both your alignment and your entrophatic nature. You can read about each of the gods in the Pantheon section of the BlackMUD web page. You can always change your choice it later for more in-depth RP.

What city do I want to start in?

Most veteran players will suggest Makilor. It tends to be the social hub for most of BlackMUD's players, as well as being rather centrally located on the world map. This doesn't mean that the others are inadequate.
Ba-ul Naran is a vast metropolis and is the cultural and trade center of the realm.
Vomel (Novdom) is a nice quiet place to learn the game in relative solitude.
Tansar is an excellent place to begin an adventuring career, and is located near the underground dwarven city of Mreec.

What do the numbers at the bottom mean?

The numbers shown in your prompt ( <32 68 119> ) represent Hit Points (HP), Mana Points (MP), and Movement Points. (help prompt, help hp, help mana, help move)
Hit Points: These represent your character's life points. When you take damage, it is subtracted from your current HPs total. When your HPs reach 0, you fall stunned. At -10 you die. (help death)
Mana Points: These represent a spell-caster's ability to manipulate magic in the form of spells. Each spell has a mana cost (modified by your skill and level) and when it is cast, its cost is subtracted from your current MP total. When your MPs fall too low, you will be unable to meet the cost requirements of your spells and thus won’t be able to cast it. (help cast)
Movement Points: When your character moves from one room/area to another, it uses a small number of movement points (depending on terrain). When your Movement Points fall too low, you will find yourself exhausted and in need of some rest.

When they go down, how do get these points back?

HPs, MPs, and Moves will gradually replenish themselves over time. Most players refer to this as "regen". (ie: regenerate). Certain actions (sit, rest, sleep, etc.) will influence how quickly these points will return.

It says I'm hungry and thirsty. How do I fix this?

As in real life, you must satisfy your character's need for nourishment. Failure to eat and drink will slow/stop your ability to regen. It's wise to carry provisions with you while out adventuring.
eat [food item] Will consume the food item in your inventory. (Ex: eat bread)
drink [source] Will consume a quantity of water or other liquid. (ex: drink fountain, drink bottle)
See also: filet, cook, salt, forage, fill

What are stats and where do I see them?

Your character has 6 main attribute scores. These are commonly referred to as "stats". These will usually be represented in a number range from 3-18, with higher being better.
Strength - Physical power. Affects damage and carried weight capacity.
Dexterity - Physical agility and balance. Affects defense and thief-type skills.
Constitution - Physical health and fortitude. Affects HP gains and some resistances.
Intelligence - Mental prowess and aptitude. Affects Mana gains and learning.
Wisdom - Mental/Spiritual strength and fortitude. Affects certain resistances.
Charisma - Leadership potential and ability to influence others. Affects # of followers and shops.