Classes of Entia

BlackMUD uses a system of Sub-Classing that includes 5 base classes and 12 sub-classes. At level 26 through 30 a character has the ability to join a sub-class. To do so the character must go to the guild of the sub-class and type 'join'. From that point on the character will be a new class. Each sub-class has unique skills and abilities. Some are more difficult than others to play and some require more experience to level. It is not necessary to sub-class, however once you have joined a new guild there is no leaving it. Once you join a subclass, you can no longer practice your old skills/spells, however you can still use them and learn them by usage.

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Warriors are known to have more strength than the average player. This makes them better at hand-to-hand-combat as they possess skills of violence and fighting unequaled by the members of any other class. However, they lack the ability to use magic of any sort.

Anti-Paladin (Warrior)

Anti-Paladins are the polar opposites of their better known adversaries, Paladins. Though considered servants of evil, Anti-Paladins serve no one but themselves. They thrive on the pain and suffering that greed driven people pay them to inflict on others. In essence they are little more than highly skilled mercenaries. Anti-Paladins often serve as military commanders for corrupt nobles and merchants. It is said that kings would sooner invite an assassin to dinner than have an Anti-Paladin in their service. Of course this doesn't mean that no king employs them. In addition to their warrior skills, Anti-Paladins are able to cast some clerical spells and employ some thief skills. In order to join the Anti-Paladin guild, one needs to be a devout follower of the Unmaking and thus Nixil, and have the utmost disregard for righteousness and law.

Barbarian (Warrior)

Barbarians are the big brothers of the warrior family. Less skilled with weapons than other warriors, Barbarians however are generally bigger, stronger, and more durable in battle. Preferring light tough armor, they are usually surprisingly quick. Barbarians tend to avoid large cities, preferring the open vistas. Barbarians have been known to go into strange fits during battle that makes them amazingly destructive to their opponents and sometimes their allies. Barbarians have a range of skills to help them in battle and to navigate the wilderness.

Cavalier (Warrior)

Known as the pretty-boys of the battlefield, Cavaliers are the unchallenged masters of mounted combat. Generally wealthy, they wear the finest armor money can buy even at the expense of mobility. Cavaliers typically only serve the greatest of nobles. Many knights were once Cavaliers. Cavaliers gain many advantages while fighting mounted.

Paladin (Warrior)

The recognized defenders of all that is good, Paladins are revered by people from all walks of life. Paladins seldom serve nobles, though several are known to serve as officers in the army of Makilor. However most Paladins do serve the high clerics of Phaet. Paladins place justice and righteousness above all. Many people often turn to Paladins for judgment in disputes. Paladins are able to cast many clerical spells in addition to their martial skills. Currently, all Paladins MUST join the Church of Phaet org and uphold the legendary code of honor of the Paladin Guild.

Ranger (Warrior)

Rangers are second only to druids as defenders of nature. They usually avoid society and tend to roam the wilderness and live off the land. Rangers are often hired by travelers as guides or escorts. Rangers generally begin traveling as warriors and later decide to abandon the oppression of society. Rangers are able to cast a few druidic spells and have a variety of combative and survival skills.

Swordsman (Warrior)

While the average warrior is proficient in all forms of armed combat, the swordsman has eschewed other weapons in order to achieve complete mastery over the blade. Without a sword in hand, the swordsman is at best a second-class warrior, but when wielding a blade, the swordsman becomes one of the most dangerous individuals in the realms. Generally, swordsmen concentrate on keeping their opponents from connecting in combat as much as they do on connecting themselves and are known to be capable of entering a trace-like calm before battle, during which they are capable of inflicting far more damage than would normally be possible. Mastery over the blade also allows the swordsman to guess at a weapon's quality with a greater degree of accuracy than other warriors. While most warriors rely upon sheer brawn to carry them through battle, the swordsman uses agility and quick wits to elevate his combat from simple "hack and slash" to an elegant art form.


This class gives you the wisdom of peace, blessing and healing, though it is possible to learn more violent spells. You can improve your spells by using the practice command.

Templar (Cleric)

Templars are the military arm of the clerical society. They are clerics who have decided to apply their faith to the study of the martial arts. They are usually found protecting temples of worship, and some serve as escorts for travelling clerics. Though they often build impressive suits of armor, much of which is spiritually enchanted, they seldom acquire much personal wealth. Templars have both combat skills and their previously learned clerical spells.


This is a class of powerful and violent magic, but the magic user does not control nature, and can therefore not bless and such. You can improve your spells by using the practice command.

Druid (Mage)

They are the guardians of nature and they remain neutral with regard to other concerns. They develop resistance and sometimes immunity to charm, poison, electricity, cold and fire. If a druid strays from the path (i.e.: is no longer neutral) they will slowly lose their ability to cast spells. The farther they stray from neutrality, the harder it is for them to cast spells.

Warlock (Mage)

A Warlock is usually a mage who has decided to no longer depend on warriors as escorts. Warlocks have put a stop to their magical studies in order to take up the study of the martial arts. Warlocks are amazingly deadly opponents, combining offensive magics with skilled martial combat. Warlocks spend a great deal of time learning how to concentrate on spell casting, while engaging in combat. A large number of warlocks serve as an elite unit in the army of Ba-ul Naran. The majority of warlocks prefer to explore the world and search for magical items. Warlocks have both combat skills and their previously learned magical spells.


Monks are masters of harmony. They are very aware of their internal balance and are resistant to things that upset that balance. This characteristic does not necessarily force them to be neutral. Over time their training enables them to attack others with their bare hands and to kick things with amazing force. Their focus on their being neutralizes any affect dexterity would normally have on their armor class. Very little is reflex anymore. As they become more powerful they become resistant and eventually immune to things that would disturb their internal balance.

Devil-Monk (Monk)

Monks are known for their serenity. Devil-Monks, however, are known for their intensity. They are a militant branch of the monk society. While other monks believe in contemplation, Devil-Monks live for action. Devil-Monks normally live many years in seclusion like normal monks before setting off into the world in an attempt to bring their contemplation to fruition. Devil-Monks are furiously effective hand-to-hand combatants. They usually maintain the monk philosophy of limited wealth and possessions, and tend to be balanced in their relation to good and evil. They are often considered to be outside the normal flow of nature and are often shunned by clerics. Devil-Monks have a wide variety of hand-to-hand combat skills.


Thieves are known to have very special qualities, that no other class offers. Many of these qualities can come in handy in many situations, such as picking locks. They are not very combat oriented, however, so do not expect to be able to kill many things by yourself. The useful aspect of thieves involves their ability to scout ahead, avoiding monsters, detecting and removing traps and selling and buying items at the black market.

Assassin (Thief)

The name alone explains their purpose in life. Assassins live to kill. Silent precise murders are their specialty. They are masters of stealth and concealment. No one admits to knowing an assassin, however they always seem to have work. It is rumored that a highly organized society of assassins exists in Ba-ul Naran. Assassins have a wide variety of skills that they can call on to complete an assignment.

Brigand (Thief)

Brigands are usually not much more than brutes. They are thieves that focus more on power than stealth. They tend to have extremely murderous natures. Brigands generally have few personal possessions and live off the loot from their victims. Brigands have many of the skills of any other thief but also have some combative abilities.