The Elder Gods

Phaet - The Creator

From the Chronicles of Aslem Urendric: “Phaet. Phaet is everything, everywhere, and everywhen. Phaet is the all. The Creator. Before time, before space, there was Phaet. From, and by, Phaet all that is, became. Phaet is the embodiment of light in darkness, something within nothing, dreams within sleep, breath within death. Phaet is imagination, passion, joy, love, and hope. Phaet is the potential for what could be and the source for what has been. ...
If Phaet is capable of mortal feelings, it was the feeling for something like companionship from which Nixil came to be. Phaet segmented itself to shape Nixil into existence. Possessed of a large portion of Phaet, Nixil is also possessed of Phaet's potential. However, Phaet unknowingly, if that is possible for the all-knowing, embodied Nixil with traits that combined made Nixil something wholly unlike Phaet. Nixil was the first. An experiment without a control, without guidelines. Where Phaet is the embodiment of order within chaos, Nixil is the embodiment of chaos within order. If Phaet is capable of regret, Nixil is regrettable. Nixil was disappointing and even worsened the need for companionship. Phaet created others, intending them to be better creations than Nixil. These 'gods' as they would come to be called were of Phaet as was Nixil, but to a much lesser degree, and more carefully crafted. Nixil harrassed and tormented many of these gods, but drew others into its influence. ...
Phaet honed and refined its skills of creation and crafted what mortals know as matter, space, and time. Nixil saw it as an abomination that should not be, worse than the gods. When Phaet refused to dissolve the creation, Nixil became enraged and, backed by some of the gods, lashed out at the creation in an attempt to destroy it. To protect the creation, Phaet banished Nixil to the emptiness between matter, space, and time. This place, known as the Void, was of Nothing. Forced to maintain Nixil's imprisonment there, Phaet had to let the creation evolve on its own, unable to devote effort to its furtherment. The gods did what they could to nurture and expand the creation in honor of Phaet, but Phaet could do very little directly. Phaet does watch and guide the gods and select mortal beings who it has found intriguing. ...
Phaet is, and thus all else is.”

Nixil - The Un-Creator - He Who Dwells

Exerpts from the Books of Chaos: “I am Nixil. I am nothing, but chaos is and so am I. I have always been, before time and before Phaet, though it thinks me a creation. Possibly an incarnation. What form can chaos take but whatever form it wishes? If order exists, then it can only be brought forth from chaos. ... Order and Chaos coexist, but never comfort each other. A companion I am not. I climbed forth from the ether one day and took notice of the misguided and stagnated path of Phaet. ... After watching mistake after mistake, I pitied Phaet enough to attempted to enlighten it of where it had gone astray. Phaet, in its arrogance, became enraged at my attempt to enlighten. ... For jest I deigned to see if all of Phaet's creations retained their creator's corruption. I imparted some of Phaet's more powerful playthings with a portion of the greater knowledge and some showed promise. When Phaet had stopped its temper tantrum and noticed some of its creations missing, it lashed out and attempted to chastise me, its elder. ... After some time, I tired of its feeble attempts to control, and left in disgust to return to the ether. ... Phaet has been vigilant in trying to keep me out of its little oasis. I slip into its creation now and again to keep its life interesting. For those who look for enlightenment, and wish to turn from the their misguided path, remember... Where there is order, there is chaos... and one day all will return to chaos. ... I shall unmake Phaet's creations and return the universe to its nature state.”

The Ascended

Minektur - God of Balance

From the Origins of the Universe, Volume 3: “Minektur, once was a mortal. Growing up [possibly on Balric], he witnessed the harsh treatment of the natural world, its forests, plains, marshes, rivers, seas, tundras, and truly every environment received at the hands of mortal creatures. In his opinion, only the efforts of the elves kept the land from being totally destroyed. At a young age he felt a keen desire to understand the world of nature around him and he began to study druidic magics. He learned and advanced quickly in his skills, demonstrating a fine understanding of the powers of nature. His ability to transform his body into many animals' forms struck fear into the hearts of his enemies. With the body of a lion or bear, but with the cunning of his human mind, he was able to overcome many powerful foes. Even the very trees of the forest would come to his aid. Eventually he became the most powerful of druids and at times even commune with the gods to help him understand the world more clearly. After finding problems with the underlying organization of reality and working with the gods to fix them, he was transformed by Phaet into a god. Now, he uses his powers to keep safe the natural order and balance in the world, keeping the Unmaking at bay. He spends his time tinkering with the very nature of reality itself. Though he follows the balanced path of nature, he allies himself with Phaet in the battle of Order and Chaos. Nixil has taken many precious things from nature and perverted them -- touching them with chaos or shadow. These and many other perversions anger Minektur. Against this he fights...”

Vylar - The Watcher

From the Origins of the Universe, Volume 5: “For countless ages of mortal man Vylar slept. The length of his slumber is unknown even to him. Though he slept he was aware of the eternal presence of Phaet's Light. He slept content, oblivious of all that happened in the universe around; content to simply absorb the Light. Somehow he was overlooked by the machinations of Nixil. Perhaps he was not perceived to be a threat or perhaps he was sheltered from him by the Light of Phaet. Whatever the reason, he slept on. He was eventually roused from his slumber by Phaet and shown the wonder of the creation which he had slept through. He was shown matter and space and time. He took particular interest in the world of Entia during a time of ancient conflict and watched as mortals attacked and destroyed one another. What he saw horrified him, yet he lacked understanding about why such atrocities could occur. So he watched on.
Those Wars eventually came to an end and peace came to that world for a time. He wished to learn all that he could of the mortals and so for years he took on the guise of an elven historian, learning what he could from the inhabitants of the lands themselves. He learned much during that time. He learned of how the eternal struggle between good and evil, order and chaos influenced mortals. He was determined to do what he could to enlighten mortals and prevent them from repeating mistakes. Eventually he decided that enough information had been gathered for his purposes and he left the mortal world, leaving behind the tomes of knowledge and history he had gathered.
He contemplated the problems that plagued mortals on Entia and after long reflection, he concluded that the solution was in the balance of all things, that the truth could be found in neither order nor chaos, but in a combination of the two. Avoiding the direct conflict between Phaet and Nixil, he acted as an invisible hand, guiding Entia through the use of knowledge. He has continued to cautiously make himself known to a select few mortals who believed in the preservation of balance and empowered them with hidden knowledge. He charged them to watch the races of the world in order to catch early signs of events that might upset the balance. And so, to this day, he observes and subtly guides with invisible influence, hoping to maintain creation indefinitely.”

Kalehtur - Nature's Vengence

From the Poems of O'om Jan Ulyr:
“I have grown from weed to vine, and from vine to flowering bush.
I have grown from a bush into a tree, and from that tree I grew into Kalehtur.
From the times of youth when I was just a seed, I saw things that I wish no child could ever perceive.
Sap as rich as blood shrieks louder than any cry, yet still no man has grasped the warnings of the land.
The land shakes for a reason. It shakes to remind that what man lives on is not their own.
You have suffered time and again from misuse and abuse. From the thoughtless posturing of man.
Born from Minketur's call, I embody his vengence.”
It is time for the people to remember.
It is time for Entia to change.
It is time for Entia to grow.
I am here to protect you.


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The Watchers


“Humming a tune down the street, singing a well-known adventurers song in your head, or a poet in a tavern reciting prose... All of these are due to one being, Adrylin the Minstrel, the Patron of Bards, Minstrels, and Poets. Music, poetry, and literature are all around us, and thanks to him we can all enjoy the pleasures of a good song in our hearts. I raise my glass to the man, for if it weren't for him, I'd have no place in this world!”
- Garner Pronse, The Wandering Storyteller
“The sharp intake of his last breath of air as a stiletto hits the jugular, the barely audible slice of a coin purse as one loses their days wages, the tumbling of a picked lock during the trespass... All of these are my doing. I was once simply known as The Minstrel, but that was before my dark past was uncovered, and my secret revealed to the world. I'm forthcoming with the nature of my true arts now. I am Adrylin the Dark. A blade is my instrument, your pain is my song.”
- An excerpt from the Journal of Adrylin


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The Lost Gods

Lost to the passage of time, these beings once existed in the universe. The created, destroyed, or influenced each in their own way. Perhaps they shall revisit the mortal realms in the future.

Agrael   Balni   Blix    Cadonnar   Cas

Ceolan   Dozois   Ezekol   Glymir   Gohrm

Helcrom   Jorel   Kayen   Kinat   Lalaney

Lysaer   Moggok   Nirri   Paghk   Rykoth

Santar   Sechon   Suraya   Xothen   Xymox