There was the creator. There was the un-creator.

Then there was Xymox.

From the heart of order and the void of chaos was formed the entity known as Xymox. In his early days he struggled to find a place with either side of the pantheon. First, he walked eagerly into the light of order and creation and sought to do no harm in the land of Entia. For a time this was all that he knew and loved. Then a dark day passed and he was punished by Phaet for an action of lust. Running, scared and naked he came across a quiet forest filled with black oaks. The silence was almost deafening to him. In the void came a voice, the audacity of that voice, which called him to come. Lured into the void of chaos, Xymox began to satiate his lust through acts of thievery and slaughter. His sanguineous appetite was known throughout the lands. Time passed, slowly or quickly, it did not matter. In his audacity, Nixil grew tired of Xymox and his ways and decided to cast him out upon the land. Now Xymox had lived on both sides of the Universe and thought for many a time upon what to do. Realizing that neither side was the right one he decided to have aspects of both and thus was a perfect representation of both his parent entities. He drew forth from the Land, the Sea, and the Sky and created his likeness in a huge tree-like trident. The trunk and main branch representing himself and the neutral path. The side branches representing each of the other aspects, Order and Chaos. And thus Xymox had found his place.