For countless ages of mortal man I slept. The length of my deep slumber is unknown even to me. I slept in the realm of Phaet, aware in my sleep of the eternal presence of his Light. I slept content, oblivious of all that happened in the universe around me; content to simply absorb the Light. Somehow I was overlooked by the machinations of Nixil. Perhaps I was not perceived to be a threat or perhaps I was sheltered from him by the Light of Phaet. Whatever the reason, I slept on.

Finally the time came for my awakening. I was roused by Phaet and shown the wonder of the creation which I had slept through. I was shown the world of Entia during the time of the Second War of Dominance, and watched as the races attacked and destroyed each other. What I saw horrified me, and I lacked understanding about why such an atrocity must be. I took special interest in the races of Entia and wished to calm the flood of violence that the War had begun, but I realized that my understanding was still too small. So I watched.

The War eventually came to an end and peace came to the kingdoms. I wished to learn all that I could of the mortals and for a time I took on the guise of an Elven historian, learning what I could from the inhabitants of the lands themselves. I learned much during that time. I learned of Nixil, the failed creation of Phaet whose power was unequaled except by Phaet himself. I learned of the eternal struggle between good and evil and of the wars that had enveloped the nations in times long past. I was determined to do what I could to prevent the mistakes of the past, even though the effort may prove futile.

Eventually I decided that enough information had been gathered for my purpose and I returned to the netherworlds of the Gods, leaving behind the tomes of knowledge and history I had gathered during my time as a mortal on Entia. I thought hard about the problems that plagued the races and after long reflection, I concluded that the solution was in the balance of all things, that the truth could be found in neither order nor chaos, but in a combination of the two. A number of the subtle schemes of Nixil also became evident to me, and I decided to remain as hidden from his influence as possible.

From then on I began to act as an invisible hand, guiding the races through the use of knowledge. I cautiously made myself known to a select few mortals who believed in the preservation of the races and I supplied them with knowledge that had previously been hidden from them, charging them to watch the races in an attempt to catch early signs of events that might upset the balance and lead to the destruction of the mortal realm. And so, to this day, I watch, subtly guiding with my invisible influence, hoping to maintain creation indefinitely.