Old updates - will be organized later


News updated on Saturday, 28 January 2006 :
We have added an alternate port to which players can connect to the game. You can now access the game via port 2000 or port 4000. We will spend some time using port 4000 as a test to see if that port will help as many people as possible, but in the future it might change to some other port. We will keep you posted.
The following bugs have been fixed: the temporary extra attack when leveling while affected by haste, haste is considered a hostile spell by the opt-in system, light sources now go out when the holder dies, and the missing Quivering Palm death messages were re-added. 
The following changes were made to the world: Svernian Forest and South Makilor Plains (1875 new rooms) were added, numerous rooms were modified ( including a new "destroyed" Zyankia), Terra and Sanaluth both got a little tougher, Gnomes are finally and truly gone, and the RP store was mostly removed (large shards now drop and restrings will eventually).
Blessed weapons are now the sanct piercers. Magic weapons will have a new function in the near future. A lot of weapons had their flags changed and there are fewer sanct piercers in the game now.
Templars now have the Rescue skill.
You can now check the status of a light source by examining it or looking at it.
Added new Templar spell "righteous fury", level 40. 
Added new Cleric spell "godstone attunement", level 48.
The Shield spell now defends against at least six different spells (instead of just one).
The levels at which Cleric and Ranger spells are learned has been redistributed. 
The spell Charm Person has been removed from the game.
Saving throw checks were added to numerous spells.
The damage values have been altered on the following Mage spells to add more diversity and better distribute the spells: Magic Missile, Shocking Grasp, Chill Touch,Thorn Spray, Acid Blast, Burning Hands, Lightning Bolt, Ice Storm, Colour Spray, Cone of Cold, Firestorm,Chain Lightning, Fireball, and Meteor Swarm.
The following Druid spells have been removed from the game (though some may return at a later date): know alignment, charm monster, clinging mist, changestaff, shillelagh, animal growth, insect growth, creeping death, commune,animal summon, charm vegetable, vegetable growth, animal friendship, entangle, gust of wind, and dust devil.
The following spells were made Druid sub-class spells: elemental harmony, refresh, conjure elemental, malignant aura, natures blessing, spore cloud, animate rock, tree travel, travelling, invisibility to animals, barkskin, transport via plant, and speak with plants.
The following Druid spells have been moved to the Cleric base class: goodberry and sunray.
The following Druid spells have been moved to the Mage base class: thorn spray, flame blade, infravision, water breath, slow poison, find traps, warp weapon, heat stuff, and firestorm.
Druids have been removed as a base class and made into a sub-class of Mage.
The RP system has been changed to be reward-based rather than punative.
The experience tables have been extensively changed. We got rid of the low-40s wall and smoothed the curve some. It will make levels 10-40 more worthwhile. 
We added new drop versus pop system on many sought after items. These items will appear only after the mob is killed.
Fixed an abuse with armor golems. Golems can no longer wear equipment
Light sources will now give you warning when they are about to expire, and let you know when they go out.
Bug fixes: Animal/Insect/Veggie Growth reseting a mobs hp to full, auto loot/auto split not saving, charmed mobs continuing to guard after spell expires, oddity in stretch social, putting coins into containers, and Aquilifers attacking arrested acharacters
The maximum time limit on auctions has been changed from 4000 IC days (a little over 3 months RL) to 200 IC days (5 RL days).
A new auction system has been implemented. Learn more about it by typing "help auction". The only existing auction house is currently in Tansar, though we will likely add additional auction houses in other cities in the future.
The problem with changing passwords has been FIXED. You can now change your password whenever you wish. If you have any further problems with passwords, let us know.
We have removed the RP walls and replaced them with a gradually increasing exp reduction. As you gain levels beyond 25 you will start receiving slightly less exp for kills and you will need more RP points to compensate. The key things to note is that you CAN continue progressing even without enough RP points. And ANY number of RP points will help compensate somewhat. At level 50 you will need 40 pts to gain full experience, which is less than the current 50 points. However, you will need more at levels 26, 35,40,etc. than you do now to FULLY compensate. Anyone currently stuck at an RP wall will be able to move forward even if they have 0 RP points. You will need at least 1 RP point to gain exp at level 50.
Today at about 4:30p EST I inadvertently ran an old game binary against the live database. The old binary still contained the bug that wiped out a bunch of accounts last week. So... a bunch of accounts and characters were again wiped out, which in turn caused the game to crash. As a result, we had to re-load a backup of the database from last night. If you lost anything major that you would like reimbursed, e-mail me about it and I'll try to work something out. Sorry about this. -Vylar
We had to revert to last night's backup file due to a serious game bug. LATER, we might consider reimbursement, but dont bug us about it right now.
You can now store multiple identical objects in the warehouses. Read the help files on 'warehouse' for more information.
Immortals using IC communication (say/shout/tell/send) are now identified as "A powerful voice" rather than just "someone." This should help with the confusion of deciding if it's an immortal talking to you, or just some invisible mortal. This new identification does not apply to OOC channels (ooc/gossip).
The gossip cost has been reinstated, but only for abusers. If you do not use the gossip channel for IC things, you don't have to worry about gossip cost. However, if you do say non-OOC things on the gossip channel, expect it to start costing for you. Type "help gossip" for more information.
An additional RP point restriction has been added to leveling. There is now a 3-point restriction on sub-classing, 5-point restriction on level 30, and 7-point restriction on level 40. Points are not consumed. You only need to have that number of points to pass the checkpoint, then you can spend them as you wish
Welcome to a fresh new player file.
Friday September 26th, there will be scheduled maintainance on the mud, on the webserver, and on the database server.Basically all BlackMUD related services will be down for about 2 hours starting around 9:00AM MST (about 11:00 AM EDT, as shown by the 'world' command in the mud). When we are back up, hopefully everything will appear to be just like it was when we went down. :) Keep your fingers crossed. (since several people have asked already, NO this is not a player or eqip -wipe).
Law officers now have the ability to arrest and jail malefactors. See help on JAIL ARREST FLEE etc
Overhauled nearly 100 items. A little less than 1/3 were "nerfed", mainly by adding ego to them. The rest were all improved in some way. Though most stats on existing items will not be altered by these changes, ego will be.
Added a new object flag: ITEM_ARTIFACT. Artifacts are unique items and there are currently 22 of them. People with PM points can not use these items. Artifacts can not be restrung and existing artifacts will be replaced with unstrung versions. (NOTE: No stats have been adjusted on these items.)
The help files have been updated. - New Entries: strength intelligence wisdom dexterity constitution charisma recall wanted title bridle saddle stable blacksmith smith smithy tutorial age colors communication deathtrap dt followers guard map npc mob monster out of the game petrified pets regen regeneration restring thac0 tick ticket 
The retreat skill (flee command) has been updated to allow you to choose a direction to retreat. 'help flee' for details.
The flee command has been re-written from scratch to work around problems. Also movement (n,s,e,w,u,d,etc) code has been re-arranged in a way that should be identical to what you're used to. REPORT any anomalies.
Major, longstanding bugs with changeform have been fixed. All those dire warnings about not using changeform should now be moot. read 'help changeform' and 'help return' to learn more.
The report command has been changed to be more IC, which means no more numbers.
A new system for requesting restrings has been implemented. With this system, you can submit requests anytime and the immortals will review the request and do the string whenever they have a chance. To use the system, find Liba the Mystic in the new town of Sverna (north of Makilor) and read the instructions on his sign.
A massive new section of the world has been opened. The plains north of Makilor have changed and expanded and areas beyond them to the north have opened.
Several new socials have been added: mutter, mumble, flex, twitch, swoon, toast and grimace.
The maximum number of items that can be rented has been reduced to 60. Before you bitch, there are currently only 4 characters with this much crap.
Numerous bugs have been fixed, including: some issues with blindness, sign language, fleeing and evaluate.
Trees can no longer wear equipment.
You can now 'overforage' an area, requiring time for that area to regrow anything foragable. In other words, areas will run out of resources, and slowly regain them. If your foraging is repeatedly unsuccessful, try foraging somewhere else. (several small, player submitted bug-fixes made too)
Redemption now only costs 5 rp points.
You cant search or forage while blind now.
The forage command has been greatly enhanced. Once you are pretty good at it, you'll find very interesting things, and gain experience
The BlackMUD Policy has been updated. Please refresh you knowledge of it by reading the help file in the game or the page on the website.
By popular demand, the gossip command now works everywhere in the world - at a cost. "help gossip" to read about it. Slight change to how the deafen command works too.
Updated the character race help files to match those on the web site. Included updated stat modifier information.
Added a BlackMUD Tutorial. It is accessed from the login menu. It is NOT a 'Mud School'.
Rewrote the cityguard specials. Hopefully most of the bugs are gone and no new ones will appear.
Some cityguards will now attack wanted people on sight. The disguise skill might help wanted people to avoid detection some.
Wanted status is now removed at death if killed my someone with Authority and if you die in the area you are wanted in.
Some bugs with cursed items were fixed. You can no longer disarm yourself of a cursed weapon. You can no longer give cursed items to the smiths.
The Vomel OOG entrance room had its flags corrected.
Applied a bunch of small patches, including: insetting a sword with a cursed gem/stone will curse the sword, water breath spell is now cumulative to a limit instead of multiple affects, charmees will no longer use many specials, portals to the new higher number rooms now work, and the code for handling charmee exp gain has been adjusted (report any problems please).
A bunch of new help file entries were added or updated.
You can now drink from the various rivers, streams, lakes, seas in the world. However, there is a chance of catching something nasty from it.
An additional 1200 rooms have been added in the area of Darcan and Rac Semder.
Due to a handful of people grossly abusing it, the resetting of shopkeeper's funds has been greatly reduced. You can thank a couple of your fellow players for making it much harder for you to make rent.
News flash: "Blackmud has people who's job it is to role-play creatures in the world." If a creature near you starts responding to whatever it is you are doing, use the opportunity and role-play. Lately several people have complained that "the gods harass me all the time". Stop overestimating your own importance in the world and realize that you are not being harassed, stalked, or driven away. You are being interacted with. Creatures will not just stand there stupidly letting you kill them. Try plotting the murder of your target somewhere that he can't overhear you. Expect creatures to interact with you.
MAJOR CHANGES COMING IN APRIL: The following areas will be removed or replaced: Kershalt, Black Oaks, Zyankia and the Crawl Marsh. Nearly 10,000 new rooms will be opened to players. There will also be an equipment wipe. This means everyone will lose everything they own. This is being done for 2 reasons. 1) Adding all the new rooms has required a change to the size of some data types stored in the rent files. 2) We have been aggressively fixing flags on many items. For example: all of the ANTI- flags will be gone, everything that is metal will have the METAL flag, etc. There will likely be many more things added at this time, but we are not yet ready to commit to them.

The 'golem' spell has been slightly adjusted again. Each item used to make an armor golem must now be made of metal for the spell to work.
Several bugs were fixed, including: long-standing light bug, the link into Gartome, auto-gold with undead creatures and auto-split while not grouped.
The golem spell was adjusted, due to the fact that armor golems could get ridiculus AC values.
Fixed the disarm bug. Needed to modify the playerfile in the process.
Several long standing blindness bugs fixed. A couple OOG/contact related bugs fixed. The walk,walk,walk,etc. bug fixed.
Long-standing bug with auto-gold and pkills fixed.
Adjustment to 'contact' - "Call-waiting ID"
Fixed several bugs: tell/shop, furrier not buying skins, charmed mobs being able to go OOG.
MAJOR CHANGES TO COMMUNICATIONS: See the helpfile for OOG (Out of the Game). Currently there is an OOG interface room in each of the capital cities. The 'tell' and 'gossip' commands are no longer available 'IC/IG'. Use contact/send/break commands for IC telepathy. The OOG interface rooms can be found in/near the main Inns in each city.
Fixed the combat_timer/cast/oog bug.
Some changes have been made to the worship system. Characters can now choose to worship no one at creation. Clerics MUST now worship a deity for their spells to work.
All references to 'flying' have been expunged from the game. The 'fly' command has been replaced with the 'levitate' command. We again reiterate that levitating is NOT flying. Levitating will not save you from drastic falls.
The ability to 'spar' somewhat safely was added. See helpfiles for: SPAR, YIELD and DISENGAGE. Take note: you will be able to yield any fight, even when you aren't sparring.
The descriptions for all available races and coming races on BlackMUD have been updated on the web page. http://www.blackmud.com
The gods are much more stingy and picky about who they bestow true sight upon.
The code for equipment damage was adjusted. You should see a decrease in the amount of equipment being scrapped outright in battle.
The 'gate' spell can now only target humanoids.
The 'messed up stats after gaining'-bug should be fixed now.
BlackMUD now has better support for recognized organizations. If you belonged to an organization like CHoP or Kotko, you will have to be re-added to the organization. If you had the authority to charge and pardon within an area you will regain that when you re-join the appropriate organization. Mortals with a leadership position within an organization can now induct, castout, promote and demote members. See the help files for: ORGANIZATONS, INDUCT, CASTOUT, PROMOTE and DEMOTE. Even more support for this will be added soon.
For those that kill indiscriminately in the cities, be warned. There are eyes in many places, if you are seen you will become wanted. Keep in mind they aren't necessarily PC eyes.
A treaty has been signed between Makilor, Basye and Novdom. Wanted status can now be shared between these nations. Watch your step or you may end up walking to Naran to rent.
You might get a bit more cash when trying to steal it now.
Clarfied long standing newbie policy. See: help policy
Temples now are picky about who benefits from them.
Steal has been modified. Things like item wieght, dexterity and victim awareness now play a bigger role. Report any bugs.
You can now hide items. See helps on hide, search and reveal.
Istisha now sells a rather useful potion.
Equipment weight now counts toward total carried weight.
Shop keepers no longer sell any item they carry, only those items of a type they deal in. Ex: The Darkun Moss wizard will no longer sell swords.
Quivering palm works only once a MUD day now. As the help file always stated.
Armor will actually now be useful. Many small tweaks to spells that affect armor. Monster and Player AC will be something to work for because it'll actually help to have good armor now.
Wanted people can no longer rent in the cities in which they are wanted.
The game policy has been updated. Type 'help policy' to review the game policy.