Many stories set in the world of Entia

2001 MudWorld Award of Excellence

Dark Night in Darkun Moss by Paghk - Winner of the Bet Overal 2001 Mudworld Award of Excellence.

Prelude by Phaet - a prelude to something greater...

Stories and Poems - Ray Goldentree's writings - broken link

Memoirs... - by Thag - Selected excerpts from Thag's personal journal...

The Story of Obbok - by Opteek

King Keystone - by Edje

The Life and Tiems of Baylok Bridgenose - by Xymox - A journal of a dwarf during the years of the First War of Dominance.

A Family Welcome - by Amadan - A Lugosz Story

Brother Of The Winter Wolves - by CG

Crown of Pain - by Donal

Of Dreams and Memories - by Xothen

A Tale Of Bloodlust - by Noe

Untitled - by Armon - Winner of the Spring 2003 BlackMUD Short Story Contest!

A Fateful Day - by Edje - the reason Edje lost his happiness...

The End and The Beginning - by Edje - the relationship between Arinor and Edje.

The Woodsman's End - by Edje

BlackMUD Everyday Comics - by Ike