Si'r-ra`ya'r - In the language of Immortals is simply, "The Lamenting One"

Some say that Phaet's punishment to the elven arrogance was centuries of domination by the humans. Some even say, that the elves themselves reaped what they sowed. Whatever the reason, the past is the past. What really matters is the future. The elves of today are slowly but surely coming back to their ancient ways. They have been for far too long, a race full of distrust, arrogance and had forgotten the teachings of Phaet.

Through one elf's constant intercession, Phaet once again was filled with compassion for their plight. The creator allowed certain circumstances to occur that would alter the fate of the elvenkin. Through one elf, all elves now have freedom. That elf was Sur-aya. Phaet had not only freed the elves from their shackles, but has raised up the very one which they had shunned, hated and ridiculed. Phaet raised up Sur-aya, to be an angel over them. To guide them in their ways and to once again bring back the glorydays of the elves.

Sur-aya was now named Suraya, and given a title...The Voice of Elves.


The Life of Sur-aya

This story begins a long time ago, long before humankind ever set foot on the great continent of Balric. Here, during the reign of High Eldar Denos-aya, a young woman known as Yin-aya gave birth to her first child. Yin-aya was the great-granddaughter of the High Eldar himself and following the ancient elven tradition of the first of the 8th generation, Yin-ara's child was to be dedicated to the creator and would one day don the robes of a cleric. The child, a healthy elven girl was given the name of Sur-aya, which means, "Path of One" in elven language. Little did Yin-ara know that the name would ring truth and shake the very foundations of the little child's destiny.

Sur-aya grew up to be a typical elven child - inquisitive, active and having a great love for nature. Like all elves, she would develop a strong bond with her natural surroundings and foster a close affinity with all living creatures. Unlike most elves, she loved to spend her time indoors, reading most if not all of the literature, scrolls and religious text written about the creator.

Now the average lifespan on any given elf is roughly 400 years and the age where an elf would reach adolescence is about the first 40 years of that. It was during that coming of age, where Sur-aya was accepted into the circle of the clerics of Phaet. There she served for a great many years.

A hundred years later, humankind landed on the continent of Balric and changed the course of Sur-aya's life forever... Eventually, the humans encroached on elven land. Desecrating elven sacred grounds and destroying the natural resources, the elves grew angry and threatened. Soon, a group of Arch-Magi began to stir up the anti-human sentiments amongst the elvenkin.

Sur-aya, now a High Priestess and several Elven Eldar Cardinals stood firmly against this but to no avail. Thus began the first war of dominance... The Clerics of Phaet did what they could to prevent the genocide of humankind, emploring the warrior elves to capture rather than kill the humans. Sur-aya, helped the human slaves as much she could. Caring for them and healing those with grevious wounds. She felt compassion and love for these fellow worshippers of Phaet. Not everyone shared her views. The more xenomorphic elves began to snub and chide her. She was slowly becoming an outcast even amongst her own brethen.

Sur-aya petitioned daily to Phaet, asking for the creator to impart wisdom to the ruling class of elves. To show them the error of their ways, and that this was not the way. Day after day for nearly a decade, she faithfully prayed to the Creator but to no avail. The Ruling Class of elves grew more arrogant in their ways, and issued the 'Procreation Proclaimation'. The Clerics by now had either given up or had joined the ranks of the Ruling Class in their distrust of Humankind.

Sur-aya stood alone, as she objected to this proclaimation. But she was like a tiny pebble in an inevitable sea of hatred. The humans then staged a series of protest, which grew in strength and eventually became a revolution. They sought to overthrow their masters. And they did after five long years of war. The elves made their last stand in their greatest capitol, Rac Semdar. Despite the circumstances, Sur-aya was still pleading for peace and tolerance. As a result, she was branded a traitor, and was highly distrusted. It was only because of her bloodline, that she was spared the humiliation of exile.

Eventually Rac Semdar fell, and Sur-aya was captured by the humans. She continued her protests and call to peace even in the hands of the brutal humans. Her fellow elves shunned her, and the humans ridiculed her. She pressed for many, many years... Sur-aya, was later sold to a noble family to serve as an elven slave.

A faithful servant, Sur-aya became. And trusted by the family. Recognizing that she was of good education, the family also asked her to teach their son about the great history of Balric, the arts and language of the elves. Sur-aya also taught this young man about peace, tolerance and of Phaet. The young man's name was Kieran De Lucian. And with him, he would pass on the teachings of Sur-aya.

A year later, she passed away...