Phaet. Phaet is everything, everywhere, and everywhen. Phaet is the all. The creator. Before time, before space, there was Phaet. From, and by, Phaet all that is, became. Feeling the need for companionship, Nixil, came to be. Nixil was the first. An experiment without a control, without guidelines. If Phaet is capable of regret, Nixil is regrettable. Others followed, becoming what Phaet had intended Nixil to be. These 'gods' as they would come to be called were of Phaet as was Nixil, but to a much lesser degree. Nixil harassed and tormented these gods, and always argued with Phaet. When Phaet created what mortals know as matter, space, and time, Nixil confronted Phaet insisting that such an uncontrolled abomination should not be brought forth. Nixil was scolded for his doubt and withdrew. However, after corrupting a number of the gods to his point of view, Nixil again confronted Phaet and demanded that he stop. Upon Phaet's refusal, Nixil became enraged. Nixil lashed out at the creation in an attempt to destroy it. To protect the creation, Phaet banished Nixil to the emptiness between matter, space, and time. This place, known as the Void, was of Nothing. Forced to maintain Nixil's imprisonment, Phaet had to let the creation evolve on its own. The gods did what they could to nurture and beautify the creation in honor of Phaet, but Phaet could do very little directly. Phaet watches and guides his gods and certain mortal beings who he has found intriguing. Phaet is, and thus all else is.