My name is Mox,

I once walked among you as a mortal, as a user of magic,

Once the greatest mage of Entia,.

even King Ran de Lucian did not understand the extent of my powers.

I befriended several great hero's and some even though thier powers were great,

and deeds well known,

most would not consider them to be heros.

I have fought in battles and wars against the darkest of enemies.

Phaet saw my heart was pure and my soul his,

and so I have been brought me to the heavens to help the cause of light.

I am now an immortal,

I now fight to save the Entia from the perils of Chaos.

The fight is long and arduous,

but we will not falter.

By the power of Phaet's great Light we will prevail,

and Entia will once again be a place of peace and tranquility.

My name is Mox