The entity called Lysaer in this realm is a traveler that has visited many realms. When first he came into existence, he visited many realms. Staying in some for many years, in others for a fleeting second. Always gathering knowledge, he roamed the infinite multiverse, until he happened upon the realm called Entia. The world of Entia was small and not very populated, but it was vastly different than anywhere he had been before. Here he decided to stay a while. He took on the guise of a Dwarven warrior by the name of Snowlock, eventually deciding to make swordsman ship his life. As the higher powers of this realm watched, his explorations made it clear that this world was far from perfect. After a time of watching, helping and even communicating with the traveler, they decided that he should become more than just a mere mortal being here. They offered him the chance to be like they were, if he would help them find and correct the problems in the world, and also help those mortals that would come after. The traveler, being always in search of knowledge, accepted the invitation of the higher powers to become like them. Ever since then his travels have become fewer and he always returns here, but he is always in search of knowledge wherever it may be found. The traveler, in his never ending quest for knowledge, found ways to manipulate the fabric of reality. In so doing he has been able to create parts of the world of Entia. He has experimented with this magic in other realms as well. Having gained the ability to change the look of the world, he now searches for ways to change the way the world reacts.