Lalaney watches over all who walk Entia. She was once a mortal who coveted gold and possessions above all else. She saw the error of her ways at the time of her death and repented. She was made immortal and now watches the Void, where there can be no gold or material goods. As self-punishment for her once miserly ways, she attempts to make all beings see the folly of cherishing goods above all else.

Lalaney The Guardian of the Void The void is nothing...or is it everything? Have you ever been traveling with a companion and "seen" him disappear without a trace? Have you ever been caught daydreaming and woken with a start realizing that you are not?...not anything, not anywhere...just not? This is the void, and I am the keeper of the Void. I watch over all of Entia, guarding the corporeal selves of all who traverse the land. I can put you somewhere and keep you safe from harm while you are not all there. I watch you, and take care of your spirit until it is ready to re-enter your body. The Void - It imprisons Nixil, but keeps you safe from harm... I am the medium between his cell and your salvation.

Excerpt from a letter from Sarin Arnall: Today has just been very singular. First off, as I was walking through the streets, on my way to the armorer, I was approached by a man dressed in rags. As filthy beggars do, he asked me to spare some gold, as I was obviously a man of some great wealth. I spat in his face and told him to get lost. But that's not the strange part. As I was looking at him, I swear that he disappeared. Just vanished. As if he had never been there. It makes me wonder if I imagined the whole thing. The second odd thing happened to me as I was standing in the bankers. A woman strides in - the most horribly dressed woman you have ever seen in your life! She had a nice face, although she looked as if she had not seen a comb in years! Anyway, she walked in, and without any sort of preamble, starts to tell me the following story. "You would not have recognized me in my mortal life. So much have I changed since those days that even my closest confidantes would not know me. I had gold, I had possessions, I had land. All was well. Ah, but then that fateful day came. The day that befalls all of us, not even the rich are not immune. Death came for me. Most people become resigned to the fact that they will someday die. Some people view it as a simple fact of life. I, on the other hand, didn't have that healthy outlook. I was still loathe to give up all that I had acquired just for death. So when death came for me, I gave it a little surprise. I struggled. I would not let death take me easily - rather, I wouldn't let death take me away from all my worldly goods. And, for a while, it seemed to be working! Hah! I thought I had death fooled. Little did I know that my game had attracted notice of certain gods. They were surprised by my audacity, and thrown off by my courage. I like to believe that they respected me. They must have, for one day I stopped running. A voice caressed my ear, it said, "You have two choices. You can die with everything you own, or live - become immortal - and have nothing". I answered immediately - I will live! Thinking all the while that I will amass my fortune again. I went off at that moment to return home, no longer on the run from death, only to find what? Nothing. Everything that I had cherished in my mortal life was gone. As if it had never been. That's when I was told about the condition a bit belatedly, if you ask me. I was told that I was to be the keeper of the Void. The Void - where no matter exists, and me, I was to have nothing - be nothing - always. Quite an interesting turn of events, I think. I fell to my knees, crying "What kind of choice is this?" When suddenly a voice boomed out of nowhere - one that I had never heard before or since that day. It said, "How many beings in your position get this kind of choice? Eternal life, or immediate death. Your last chance - choose now. " I stammered something about needing more time, and what a hard decision this is to make. The voice said, "Choose wisely and keep others from repeating your folly. Make your decision." I chose. I live. More precisely, I chose to live for others. All my mortal life was wasted worshiping gold and material possessions. Like the voice told me on that fateful day, I want to keep others from following in my path. I followed the advice given to me and was granted immortality. I look back on what I was in my mortal life and am ashamed. Honestly ashamed. And I now try to save others from falling into the same path that I was in. Material greed is a waste of the gifts you were given at birth. No object is worth your worship - direct your worship where it belongs. That is why I have met you here today, Sarin. I worry for you. I know exactly how you felt when you spit in that beggar's eye a few hours ago. You felt triumph over him and scorn for his lowly position. I know you, and I want to help you. So will you let me help you?" For a moment I just stood there looking at her in disbelief. How did she know my name? How did she know what I was feeling? Then I realized - she had probably overheard my name being called out at the armorer earlier in the day. And the contempt on my face dealing with the beggar was obvious. So I walked out of the bank without responding to her question. As I was walking down the street again, I saw the beggar I had slighted earlier. You'll tease me mercilessly, but I gave him all of the gold that I had on me. And I swear - I know - that the filthy old beggar winked at me! So that was my odd day. I hope yours was a notch or two better. You will have all my accounts ready when I get home tomorrow. Your master, Sarin Arnall