Kalehtur is Minektur's vengeance. Stepping beyond what nature is in order to protect it, he manipulates existing entities and resources to achieve this goal, by all and any means neccessary. Born of Minektur's need, Kalehtur follows the myriad paths of good and evil to achieve his own balance in nature.

I have grown from weed to vine,
and from vine to flowering bush.
I have grown from a bush into a tree,
and from that tree I grew into Kalehtur.

From the times of youth when I was just a seed,
I saw things that I wish no child could ever perceive.
Sap as rich as blood shrieks louder than any cry,
yet still no man has grasped the warnings of the land.

The land shakes for a reason.
It shakes to remind that what man lives on is not their own.

You have suffered time and again from misuse and abuse.
From the thoughtless posturing of man.

It is time for the people to remember.
It is time for Entia to change.
It is time for Entia to grow.

I am here to protect you.