excerpt from Jorel's webpage - which sadly is not on the internet any more...

Swirling In A Vortex

Whoops, well as chance has it, you just have happened to have stumbled upon the entrance to my own little secret, personal universe, with the exception of those who I share it with. This universe is BlackMud and is set in the magical world of Entia. As a number of people know, especially those inside the game I pour my heart and soul out into it. I am also one of the pioneers in web page creation promoting BlackMud. I'm doing this entirely for others, the players that contribute and make this place as special as it is, and for the other newcomers who have the ability to add even more. This page should give you a rough idea of how much it means to me.

This mud is what I call an experience game.. Sometimes you experience unique things that others don't, and you feel superior to them. You know something they don't and you never regret doing it. Weren't you glad you were able to go through that experience? I urge anyone who is creative, and has a strong imagination, to join us. This place only has one way to go, and that is upward, skyrocketting above all others.