After many upheavals between Chaos and Order. Saint decided he would stay neutral as long as he could to keep from being dragged into the middle of the Futile war. Clan Nightbreed and Ultra Force all but gone. Most of there members had either become Immortals or they had died off. Saint was very lonely, he had befriended a few in his travels Thag the Barbarian, Tempus the Healer, Mox the Magician, and Cletus the Battle Healer. These were the ones he called friends.

Then a fateful day came and Saint got a request from King Bakora of Dyr. Bakora thought he had finally come up with the perfect solution to the problems that plagued Dyr. He needed to kill King Ran of Makilor. Saint not wanting to take the mission was forced to, knowing that if he took the mission he would have to side with Chaos. His neutrality had kept him alive for a very long time and now he needed to decide if he would take the offer or pass it up. He had not done that much adventuring as of late so his funds were running fairly low, so not having much of a choice he decided to take King Bakora s offer. He enlisted the help of a few others with like skills and they plotted out a plan to assassinate King Ran. When they arrived at King Ran someone had alerted the King of a possible assassination attempt so all of the Kings guards were on high alert. Saint was not even questioned though, because of his high status within Makilor, this gave him a good advantage. The Plan almost worked, but as they were trying to escape Makilor, Saint was Killed by The Paladin Grimulf. It was then that Nixil brought Saint's Soul back and asked him if he would take a seat by his side and fight for Chaos.

Saint graciously accepted this invitation and become the immortal Glymir.