BlackMUD Donations

This page is dedicated with sincere thanks to all of those who have donated large or small to BlackMUD. All donations are used solely for upgrading our server, equipment, and software all for the purpose of bringing you, our customers, a better product and service.

All who donate will be noted on this page and in the credits of a later version of BlackMUD. Those donating $50 or more will receive a BlackMUD t-shirt as well, while supplies last.

Make a donation to BlackMUD via PayPal! (link dead) For those who do not have a Paypal account feel free to mail any donations to:

(NO LONGER VALID ADDRESS) BlackMUD Donations c/o Dented Armor Productions, LLC. XXXXX Majestic Ln PMB 201 Fairfax, VA 22033

Great Lords and Ladies ($100+)

Member Name Donation
Eric Hart $100.00
Jerry Sexton (Tyril) $100.00
Eddie Price III $100.00
Eddie Pressley II $100.00

Heros of the Realm ($50-$99)

Member Name Donation
Tyler D. (Elmdor) $70.00
Ville Noren $65.00
Craig Mcleod $50.00
Penn Brats $50.00

Adventurers of Renown ($25-$49)

Member Name Donation

Merchants and Guild Members (<$25)

Member Name Donation