Not satisfied with all the knowledge he had learned, the alchemist suggested that he seek out the practice of wizardry and send him to speak with Tigana Nobloc, a wizardess of great renown. Here, Ceolan had finally found what he was looking for. She taught him how to manipulate the elements that the alchemist had shown him, defying gravity; conjuring fire manipulating matter; and best of all, controlling electrical energy, with a snap of his fingers.

After years of adventures throughout the land, felling trees and demons, and evil doers with a flick of the wrist, Ceolan grew tired of his powers and retreated to the northern forests, only using them on rare occasions.

One day, while in the woods hunting for rabbit, a loud cash, more thunderous than anything he'd ever heard before froze him in his skin. A large puff of smoke billowed from behind a tree and out stepped a mystical figure. To Ceolan's amazement, the being introduced himself as Phaet, the Creator. Phaet spoke with Ceolan for hours on end, often admiring his dedication to the nature of the elements and his fascination with the Heavens, eventually offering him a chance to renew his passion, to be the master of the elements from the Heavens themselves.

So, Ceolan abandoned his rustic shack and his hermit-like existence in the woods, and took his place among the Immortals, ruling the elements.