The hammer rings. Thrumming as it sings its enduring song. It shapes the land with the precision and beauty of a delicate flower. Since time began it has rung. Since mighty Phaet brought forth the first mountain, and placed him under it. He is wizened with age, yet as strong and as ancient as the mountains themselves. He who rose from his forge and founded mighty Mreec, and who even now watches over it from its cavernous depths. Ever do the fires rage, for Phaet may once again ask of him to forge the world anew.

He is Balni, the first one. That from which all other dwarves sprung. He is timeless, eternal.

Balni is the patron god of the Dwarves. The first one, whom from which all Dwarves sprung. Venerated by his people as the father of his race. He was created by Phaet to forge the bones of the world. He is the keeper of the Dwarven ways, a master smith and historian of his race. He watches over all his children, good and evil, ordered or chaotic.