Welcome to Blackmud - beyond the last age

BlackMUD is one of the oldest still-running muds online.

Text-only multi-player adventure, role-playing, and nostalgia at it's best.

This website is a sort-of mostly-working archive of the old Blackmud.com.

You'll find an archive of the old forums, and the OLD old forums which haven't been available for a long time. A lot of the content was consolidated and much of it (e.g. the races, skills, classes) are out of date. Some of the (mostly password protected) working tools are non-functional.

The game is still up and running (port 2000) and there are still many regular players, despite neglect, abuse, downtime, hosting problems etc.

Why is the old site gone? Read Here

Comments/Questions/Criticism to minektur@blackmud.com